Retirement Plan Consulting

We can help you navigate the complexities of choosing and implementing a retirement savings program. Our approach to providing retirement solutions is based on these core tenets:


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and objectives before recommending specific solutions. This includes listening to understand what's important to you in a retirement savings program and uncover any areas of concern that you would like to have addressed.

Based on your goals and objectives, we will identify plan solutions that align with your goals and identify service providers that are able to provide the level of support you desire. We are platform agnostic and have the capability to work with your existing providers as well.

We will engage in an open-ended dialog with you and your chosen advisors, such as your CPA and attorney, to collaborate to ensure your retirement plan is on track with your goals.

We provide continuing educational programs, resources for plan participants, and enrollment meetings for new employees, and we assist retiring employees with retirement plan distribution strategies. We also conduct ongoing meetings with your investment committee to review plan investment performance.




Service Provider Search   |   Investment Policy Statement   |   Performance Reporting   |   Participant Enrollment and Education   |  Benchmarking Analysis   |   Plan Fiduciary Meeting Support


We can bring all of these components together or we have the flexibility to “plug and play”
specific services with those you already have in place for your plan.  



Every plan sponsor has a fiduciary responsibility to know their fees are reasonable.
Conducting a service provider search periodically is an ideal way to achieve this.

We help existing plan sponsors quickly and conveniently evaluate what options are available
in the marketplace and compare them to what is currently in place. We also assist employers
who do not have a retirement plan currently and want to gauge the cost and benefits of
sponsoring a plan for the first time.



We will assist you with detailed investment analysis to aid you with your plan investment selection
and fund recommendations. In addition, we provide investment recommendations for consideration
that are compatible with your plan's objectives, policies and risk tolerances.

We coordinate with existing plan sponsors to review current investment options and offer
recommendations for investment replacements or alternatives. We work with new plan sponsors to
navigate investment options and create a fund lineup for their new plan.

Our Manager Research Team's key resource is intellectual capital. The team's analysts have over
100 years of aggregate experience in manager selection and asset class allocation. If appropriate, a
rigorous, multistage process is applied by the investment manager research team to identify those
with highly specialized expertise for each of our manager strategies.



We will assist you and your plan fiduciaries with ongoing evaluation of your plan's investment options.
This includes delivering reports that outline results and assist with the evaluations of funds, as well as
comparing various aspects of performance identified in the Investment Policy Statement.

The information in the report may include market commentary, plan asset allocation summary, risk
and return analysis, investment cost analysis and investment research. At a minimum, a review of the
investments offered should be conducted annually.


We will help you implement turnkey enrollment options in coordination with your plan's recordkeeper
and ongoing, fully customized educational programs for plan participants to assist them in making
informed savings and investment decisions. These include easy-to-use online enrollment applications
as well as group and individual education meetings.



We provide Plan Benchmarking reports that identify and compare specific plan elements, such as
plan features, investment-related information, participant behaviors, and plan oversight, as well as
plan-related fees with other plans of similar size or demographics.

Our fee benchmarking analysis seeks to assist you with maintaining your plan compliance with
408(b)(2) disclosure regulations, and we assess the reasonableness of plan service providers' costs
relative to the services received. This analysis also provides us with a baseline fee structure to
compare with fee quotes we receive from competing providers during a Request for Proposal process.



Wells Fargo Advisors has a robust suite of resources to help educate plan sponsors and plan
fiduciary and committee members on their fiduciary responsibilities.

We provide general summary reports and statistical updates about your retirement plan for Plan
Fiduciary meetings. These may include participation and demographic reports, a review of goals and
results of the education policy statement, updates on participant meetings, regulatory updates and market updates.