Our Process

Leadership Through Listening, Planning, and Process

As your trusted investment planner, our first priority is to learn about the unique aspects of your background. Our process allows us to develop customized plans based on your unique financial background, future needs and goals.


Our Investment Planning Process

  1. Compile and assess client's current assets and liabilities.
  2. Prepare an asset-allocation plan based on client's objectives, risk profile, and time horizon.
  3. Research and recommend appropriate investments.
  4. Explore and implement strategies to address specific needs in the client's portfolio.
  5. Monitor results, address changes in client's circumstances, and refine investment strategy as necessary.


Client Reporting

Granzow's quarterly report delivers timely, clearly delineated investment performance that provides you with the ability to easily comprehend how each investment manager performed and how the overall portfolio performance compared to the investment policy. Our client reporting is supplemented by quarterly meetings and annual investment policy reviews.


Investing in Non-Traditional Asset Classes

We believe allocations to non-traditional, or alternative investments should not be structured in isolation, but rather implemented as an integral part of the portfolio. The goals and objectives employed in the alternatives allocation should complement the traditional portfolio, leading to optimal overall asset mix.

As with the traditional portfolio, alternative investments must be structured to the appropriate time horizon after considering client suitability. The portfolio should be designed using current expectations for each alternative strategy, and providing proper diversification. That accomplished, management assignments should be carefully engineered to fulfill the mandate.

*Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.
*Alternative investments carry specific investor qualifications which can include high income and net-worth requirements as well as relatively high investment minimums. Available to pre-qualified investors only. 

Our Pledge: To Put Clients' Interests First

We believe that our primary responsibility is to enhance our clients' lives with the highest quality service. We believe in a consultative approach to investing—an approach that provides a clear strategic vision and a dedicated focus on investors' goals with an emphasis on objectivity. We promise you nothing short of this when working with The Granzow Consulting Group.